investment Opportunities in Energy

The Government of Liberia, through the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy (MLME), is implementing a comprehensive Electricity Master Plan for developing the sector in Liberia up to 2030. Key objectives of this plan include;

Aggressive reconstruction and expansion of the transmission and distribution     infrastructure

Expansion of firm generation capacity and diversification of generation sources
Reduction in cost of electricity and increasing the reliability of electricity supply;
Development of the capacity to effectively manage the energy sector
Developing a new legal and regulatory framework which facilitates execution of this strategy
Attracting private investment to the energy sector, particularly in generation, transmission and distribution of electricity in order to leverage the use of public resources.

Hydro Power Potential

      High potential for hydropower - difference between the dry and wet seasons.
      This overview of potential hydropower capacity in Liberia shows that there is a significant potential of up to 1,500 MW,
      However, it is necessary to review these projects with reference to the followings aspects:

                    1 - Suitability for hydropower plants with and without reservoir

                    2 - Verification of technical and hydraulic data

                    3 - Integration into transmission grid
                    4 - Environmental and social impacts.
                         For the Mano and Cavalla Projects, these rivers are Border Rivers to neighboring countries (Sierra Leone and Ivory                          

                         Coast). Hence,Regional Approach