There is no doubt of the need for investment and innovation in Liberia’s education system. The decades of civil war have left 42% of the children out of school. Literacy in Liberia is at 57%. Although 1.5 million children are in school and classrooms overcrowded, many kids cannot read by the time they reach secondary level. Only 20% of children enrolled in primary school complete secondary school.

The government is determine to work with education providers with proven models of school management, teacher support, and increasing learning outcomes to transform free public primary and nursery schools.

Bridge International Academies is the first partner to participate in the initiative, alongside other Liberian organizations. The partnership is entirely funded by international donors, and will not use any funds reserved for existing educational programs. Bridge has implemented its tried and tested models in over 50 schools and is working in Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria. It has been a proactive and successful partner to parents and governments, delivering statistically significant learning gains for its pupils. In Kenya, Bridge’s pioneer pupils had a 40% higher chance of passing national primary exit exams in 2015. We aim to achieve similar results in Liberia and welcome any investor who wants to partner with the Government of Liberia to provide quality education to Liberia and its people.